Terms and policies

Terms and policies

We understand that no one is a fan of terms and policies, either we are not but for a healthy adventure sport business, so we need to frame this, kindly read them before you book your program with us


If you cancel the dive

  • One month or more than, full refund of the deposit applicable
  • Near to 2 weeks ahead of your diving 50% refund of deposit is applicable
  • When 2 weeks are left for your diving NO REFUND OF DEPOSIT
  • Booking dates can be changed only in a WEEK NOTICE


  1. Cancelation of the dive on the booked day because you are

(Felling unwell,seasick,cant complete the dive)

  • You will get a refund of 500/-


  1. Cancelation of the dive, because of your inability to meet the confined water(pool training):

You will be only charged for the PADI BROUCHER,THEORY,POOL TRAINING,so it will cost you 3000/- only

(NOTE: once you sign up for the DSD program you should pay the above mentioned fee, and then after successful completing the pool training you can pay the rest for the fee on the SAME DAY IT SELF)



  1. Because of weather,logistical,ect

You can reschedule the dates with free of cost

  • If applicable, dive our fresh water Quarry instead with a discount of 1500 INR on your program (not applicable for courses)
  • Get a full refund for 1 day-programs (including DSDs), or a refund of 1 day of Fun Diving for multi-days courses.


  1. Because you didn’t show up or late(7 o clock cutoff time , or if you can’t because of alcohol consumption (last 24 hours)and use of any other Drugs)

And our staff feels unsafe because of above mentioned conditions

No refund will be applicable, and own samudra adventures any unpaid fee for the program booked should be settled , as you took away the place of another paying customer


(NOTE: Kindly go through the policies and if any clarification needed approach one of our staff for getting clear of our above-mentioned terms or email us)